Monday, March 2, 2009

Some Questions and Answers

My husband told me that Blogspot and Blogger are the same thing. Why did we learn Blogspot?

My son explained that Dashboard shows me everything I put on the blog but behind the scenes. Things such as post dates and other settings. It was useful for me to see it because I found reading my blog was too hard. So I changed and re-posted my posts to make them more readable.


  1. is the location, the "where" your blog is.

    blogger is the software, the "what" of your postings are created with.

  2. thanks Patrick:
    Your are right!!! Blog are digital journals.
    Blogger is the one hosted by Google company!!!!
    The Web address or URL ( that you write on the address bar of your internet explorer!)
    It is like the street address of you house...
    However, on the web no two address are the same.
    In order for you to have a more personal or specific address they let you "choose" the first part of the URL address. In your case "Kasahearn" and they put the rest

    Like you can choose your apartment number but is the same building on the same street than everyone else.

    Do not worry... There is an almost infinite number of apartments in very big building...